Our Origins

Our company focuses on the simple idea of using organic surplus material as an alternative for packaging use. We were inspired by everyday solutions used in developing countries, such as food served on banana leaves in India. 

Responsibly Created

Bio-Origins Inc. works with reputable academic and industrial research institutions to achieve the functionality of products desired by various market sectors. Each step of our product life cycle is safe and effective 
Our material comes from a plentiful annually renewable resource
It is converted into products in an energy-efficient process
Used packaging is safe for the earth, 100% degradable without further energy input or processing

Post-Harvest Material

We use straw - a  100% renewable resource made of the crushed fibers of wheat, rice and other plants that remains after being harvested for other agricultural uses. 
We convert this straw into a composite suitable for making containers for fresh produce that have the same functionality as plastic and Styrofoam packaging.

Zero Waste System

All our products are biodegradable and compostable, they do not clog up the landfill and go back to nature. Nature provides new material
 ( straws and grasses) every year as more crops are grown So we end up with an efficient circular and green life cycle.

Unique Technology

Bio-Origins has spent many years of research in designing and building a cellulose fiber preparation, processing and molding facility. We use our know-how to formulate material recipes that meet both product use performance and post use routing of the packaging material with minimal adverse effect on the environment.

Manufactured locally-  

Bio-Origins will utilise Ontario grown miscanthus and switchgrass to provide packaging conatiners manufactured locally. Manufacturing will commence in 2021 and be scaled up progressively in the region. 

We work with you-

There is an urgent need to replace plastic for disposable packaging products. Get in touch and share your “change to sustainable products” requirements. We will work with you and validate our solutions through life cycle use in your application. Our product supplies then  will implement your plan to change for a better environment, safer planet and reducing landfill.