Benefits of Using Biodegradable Food Packaging

Benefits of Using Biodegradable Food Packaging

Eco-friendly living is becoming more and more popular. As a lifestyle, it brings a new level of environmental responsibility to actions of businesses and individuals around the globe.

Using natural biodegradable packaging is a fast-growing trend in the food industry. 

Quick service restaurants and organic grocery stores, for example, now view the advantages of these products due to their benefits to the earth, as well as to the customers.

Benefits for the Nature and Humans 

Save Resources

Eco-friendly food packaging is made from recyclable and compostable materials, preserving the natural resources. While plastic food packaging contains petroleum-based components, biodegradable food containers are made using natural plant fibers. These materials derived from annually renewable sources. Production of these materials is friendly to the Earth and responsible towards future generations.

Don’t Cost the Earth

Biodegradable packaging doesn’t poison the earth. They’re composed using recyclable plant fibers that can easily decompose in landfills. While plastic is almost non-biodegradable and produces hazardous chemicals when recycled, eco-friendly containers are completely safe to the nature. Let’s compare – Styrofoam fresh produce packaging lasts forever, plastic bottle – 400-500 years, while for a tray made from plant fibres, it takes only 90-180 days to decompose. 

Harmless to the Health

Plastic has known for containing dangerous chemicals such as Bisphenol-A, a component providing different types of cancer. This food packaging is crafted from natural materials without using toxic chemicals, so it’s absolutely safe for adults and children. Unlike to this, eco-friendly food containers are safe because their composition is natural.

Benefits for the Businesses:

Company’s Reputation and Brand Image

Due to the increasing number of individuals who understand the negative impacts of non-recyclable packaging waste, customers and organizations choose eco-friendly packaging products more often. Using eco-friendly packaging improves your brand image.

The use of eco-friendly food packaging can put your business at the front with regards to being green and sustainable, enhance the relationship with your community and your buyers. Various places have officially prohibited the use of plastic bags, and a restriction of using plastic food containers is not far away. By starting using of natural biodegradable fresh produce packaging now, your company can be one step ahead of the competitors.

Attract Customers

When your customers discover that you use renewable and biodegradable resource, they will see that you think about this planet, as well as that you are a mindful organization. Numerous people are already practicing a green way of life. By using eco-friendly containers now while other businesses still use plastic, you’re building a name in the green industry and create a good reputation that will without a doubt pay off later on.

Save Money

Using the eco-friendly packaging instead of the traditional, results in less company waste. Companies spend money for the disposal of their plastic waste, which in turn expends business resources. By choosing eco-friendly food packaging, both, company waste and its related costs, can be reduced. Also, the manufacturing processes have a tendency to be more effective, reducing prices and minimizing the harmful impact on the earth.

Diversity of Products

Biodegradable fresh produce packaging comes in many assortments – containers, trays, containers, and more. They are available in various sizes. They’re also offered in natural and earth colors and designed aesthetically. Despite the fact that they are produced using plant materials, they are temperature resistant, sturdy and safe for use in freezers. At Bio-Origins we produce a wide variety of eco-friendly products that we are proud to offer our clients.

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