Socially Responsible Catering Supplies and Catering

Socially Responsible Catering Supplies and Catering

Catering industry is multi-faceted. Catering to businesses, catering food to consumers, supply of equipment and its functionality and more.

In this day and age though for any business, any sector, one aspect that keeps cropping up and is also an underlying concern in the world – “Is this sustainable and what does it do for the environment?". This applies to all and more particularly once you start considering the impact, both short term and long term, of any business and the products or services offered by it.  

This is a big change from "just pleasing or satisfying the customer" edict for profit that most marketing Gurus have been postulating and propounding over the last decade and more.

 Good food certainly pleases the customer and the "caterer" gets a pat on the back and more business as a reward. But what happens afterwards has become a much more important issue now. Because the "remnants" the food and the packaging waste disposal or potential second level processing is seen as a matter to be dealt with responsibly. 

 To date neglect of this impact has led to oceans filled with plastic bottle waste, landfill crowded up with plastic post food consumption packaging and food waste that can be utilized going to ground.

 Sharing few Plastic Facts:

 • 10–20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year (roughly the weight of a cruise ship)

• 322 million kilograms of post-consumer plastic packaging were collected in Canada for recycling in 2015 alone (roughly the weight of 1,000 airplanes)

• An average person in Canada uses 100 kg of plastic each year

• A plastic bottle requires 25% of its volume in crude oil during the production process

• 20% of Canadian households are using single serve coffee machines

• 4 million disposable diapers are being discarded in Canada every day


We, at Bio-Origins Inc., being socially responsible organization take this "impact”, post use of product, very seriously. 

Bio - Origins Inc. is a sustainable packaging business. We are supplying in Ontario region single use disposables to the catering industry. Our Dinnerware products are made from annually renewable post-harvest surplus biomass. It's a natural resource and nature is the source of supply. We convert it into product in an energy efficient way. Post use it is biomass. So it can be used for fuel applications or returned to soil for degradation and composting. Bio- Origins product range is aimed at wide spread use to replace plastic alternatives that end up in land fill and are a hindrance to natural eco- cycle and future crop production. Using Canadian post-harvest cereal straw as a resource to locally produce our product range is in the making. Meet us at RC2018, catering industry's premier event of the year. Visit our  booth No. 18, see our products and switch over to a truly sustainable packaging solution for now and ever onwards.