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Eco Friendly (1)

We use plastics every day. The global production of it exceeded 322 million tonnes. An average North American individual uses 100 kilograms of plastic packaging each year. 

Products made of plastics are beneficial in many ways, durable, cheap and convenient. However, they have a dark side. Recycling and disposal of them stay insufficient, causing accumulation of waste in seas and landfills, pollution and chemical sludge. 

Biodegradable (1)

Eco-friendly living is becoming more and more popular. As a lifestyle, it brings a new level of environmental responsibility to actions of businesses and individuals around the globe. 

Using natural biodegradable packaging is a fast growing trend in the food industry. 

Quick service restaurants and organic grocery stores, for example, now view the advantages of these products due to their benefits to the earth, as well as to the customers.

Sustainable living (2)

Sustainable living is a way of life when you limit your demand on natural resources by ensuring that you replace what you use. In some cases it means not choosing to consume a product that is made using practices that are not sustainable; and sometimes it means changing how you act. To live sustainably people must reduce their ecological footprint. It is easier than it seems and it can actually increase people’s well-being because our happiness is not based on how much we produce and buy, rather it is based on things like caring relationships, health, giving and self-development.